Dating Sucks!!

Ever heard the saying don’t assume or you will make an ass of yourself? I hate dating. No really, honestly I hate dating. I hate it mostly because most men suck. They suck they do, they are emotionally retarded. They suck… Read More ›

Good to Be You!! (On insecurity in Women)

Check out my latest article in the Good to Be You issues of the COCO Magazine !! See what advice some of Jamaica’s Entertainers had for insecure women including Jamaica’s top dancer Chad “Global Bob” Torrington, artists Motion @motionsupport, and artist Leftside @leftsidedrevil  🙂

We are all AMERICAN!

I have listened to people tell me that black history month divides us. This makes no sense to me because black history month is not for black people. Black history is everyone’s history in this country. If you haven’t read… Read More ›