New Mama Amita Webb Host of FIWI Choice! (Jamaica)

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Big congratulations to the lovely Amita Webb who recently welcomed to the world a little bundle of joy, her first child, baby girl Avani Lila who is no doubt just as beautiful as her mama. How fitting that Jamaica’s most popular music chart show, FIWI Choice, is hosted by one of Jamaica’s most beautiful women. Born in Russia to a Jamaican father and Guyanese mother and raised the majority of her life in Jamaica, little Amita never dreamed of a career in media or as a beauty pageant contestant. Entering the pageant only because the opportunity presented itself, in 2008 she placed second runner up in Miss Teen Jamaica with titles of most congenial and most disciplined. In 2010, she was a contestant in Miss Jamaica World. Amita auditioned on a whim to host FIWI Choice and as it turned out she was a natural. If you’ve ever seen her on the show you’ll know she’s definitely easy on the eyes. TV host, fashionista, student, and new mommy Amita does it all with style and class! Not only that, she has has remained humble throughout the journey. Amita is in her fourth year as host of FIWI choice and is still bringing amazing energy and personality to the show. Aside from gracing Jamaica’s television screens, you can find Amita studying banking and finance at the University of the West Indies, further exploring her career in media and television production, and spending the majority of her time enjoying every moment with her precious baby girl. I caught up with Amita to chit chat about new mommy life, hear what dreams she has for her mini me, and find out how she keeps that amazing figure post pregnancy! Let’s see what she had to say!

Ms. Betty Lou: First of all congratulations on behalf of COCO Magazine on your little blessing! She’s beautiful! And, Avani, what a lovely name she has! How old is she now and how did you choose her name? 

Amita: Thank you so much. She is currently six months. She just started crawling and is very hyper active; she’s everywhere. I did some online searching for names and made a list, and then I narrowed it down. Avani is Sanskrit and means Earth. 

Ms. Betty Lou: Lovely. So what was pregnancy like for you? You worked all through your pregnancy hosting Fiwi Choice and you still managed to look fabulous every single show!

Amita: I had a very smooth pregnancy. I realize that not too many people are blessed with that. I didn’t have a lot of sickness; I didn’t have issues with swollen feet, or tiredness. It was pretty smooth for the majority of my pregnancy. I was working out up to until I was 7 months, and then the gym told me I could not longer work out because I became a liability, so they kind of kicked me out. (Laughs).

Ms. Betty Lou: (Laughs) Oh no. Well is that your secret? We are all dying to know because post pregnancy you looked amazing! You couldn’t even tell you had a baby! 

Amita: When a lot of people found out that I was pregnant, especially people at the gym, they were saying you need to keep working out when you get a little bigger because when you have the baby the weight will just drop right off. So I was working out to keep the weight off. I didn’t gain a lot of weight during pregnancy. I gained maybe 43 pounds. So it was pretty easy to take off the weight. 

Ms. Betty Lou:  So you had that consistency with the exercise. Well good for you, you look great, I can’t say that enough! So do you think Avani will be into track and field? Or follow in mommy’s footsteps into media and beauty pageants? 

Amita: I keep overhearing people say that she’s going to do track and field and beauty pageants. I’m not sure though, that would be up to her. That will be her decision, not mine. If it’s track and field, if it’s sports, if it’s being a scientist or a nurse or whatever she wants to do, I’ll support her 100%.  

Ms. Betty Lou: You’re a good mama! As her mother, what would say is your biggest wish for her? 

Amita: Right now I would just really want her to be happy and be secure with her decisions and her life, and with whom she is as a woman as she grows. I want her to be confident and take responsibility for her actions. That’s where I stand right now. I’ve been a parent 6 months in practice I guess you can say. Maybe as she gets a little older it will change, or I’ll add some to that, but that’s where I stand right now. 

Ms. Betty Lou: Being secure is such an important thing to teach little girls and for them to have as they grow. We are all about strong women at COCO, so we support that! What would you say are the most important things you hope to teach her as she grows? 

Amita: That’s a long list though (laughs). To be respectful of others and to be tolerant. We live in a very dynamic world. My mother is Guyanese and my father is Jamaican. They come from two completely different worlds. My grandparents are Hindu, my other grandparents don’t really have a religion but they are deep-rooted Jamaicans. My Guyanese grandparents are very country and have a set way of doing things, and are very set in their ways. I’m really a product of a big mixture. I would want her to be accepting of other people, because her mother is very different, and she is always going to come across people who are different. I think it’s extremely important for people to be tolerant.  

Ms. Betty Lou: Most definitely! Is there anything that your mother taught you that you would like to pass on to Avani?  

Amita: My mother taught me how to be humble, in an indirect way, because she’s humble. It’s not like she said, “look here, you need to be humble.” She’s just naturally a humble woman, and I think I draw a lot from her whether or not I’d like to say so. 

Ms. Betty Lou: What’s the most challenging thing about being a new mother? And to counter that what’s the most joyous thing about being a new mother? 

Amita: The hardest part I think is you tend to put that carriage in front of the horse so to speak, because you end up worrying about things that will happen years down the line. Some really random things will cross your mind. The world is constantly changing. Maybe things aren’t the same as when I was a younger girl, and I kind of just worry about her growing up in a very different world.  The most joyous thing? That’s not one thing. Children and babies have this innocence and a whole horizon of possibilities. They don’t have limitations or set limitations for themselves. As adults I think we set our selves in boxes as we grow. I love her smile. I like that children are so forgiving. I love seeing her grow. Every single day there’s a new skill and a new talent, and if you aren’t vigilant about watching, and watching carefully they will pass by very quickly, so I’m trying to enjoy every moment. 

Ms. Betty Lou: For sure. Would you say you have changed since becoming a mother and if so, in what ways? 

Amita: I’ve changed a lot. I think I’m a lot more compassionate than I was before. I think when you have children you become more empathetic towards other people regardless of who they are because you think that could be my child. I love children a little more, especially babies. Now when they come around I’m always so “Oh how old is she? What is she doing? Is she doing this?” It’s so fun sharing the similarities and differences. 

Ms. Betty Lou: Aww. So what’s her father like with her? 

Amita: He’s a good dad. He’s good with her. They now have a love hate relationship. It all depends on her mood more than anything else. They’ll be all right, and then she might start getting antsy and he goes into a panic like “what do I do with her” (Laughs). But they are good; he’s a good dad. 

Ms. Betty Lou: (Laughs) So you are still hosting FIWI Choice, how are you balancing working and being a new mom?

Amita: It’s not as hard for me as it would be for a woman who works full time. I work part time and go to school. I have help, I have family that helps, and it always works out. I think its time management and nothing more. You don’t have a choice because it’s not like you can say “we are going to put the baby off until 6pm,” that’s not how it works. You work on their time and that’s how it is. 

Ms. Betty Lou: That’s so true. What is your favorite thing to do with your daughter? 

Amita: Everything. The truth is we do every single thing together. I cook with her in one hand. The only time she really stays down and leaves me be is when she sees me getting ready. Once she sees me doing make up and hair and going through clothes, she sits down and watches. We go to the super market together, we take walks, we go to group meetings – I take her on campus sometimes. So it’s never ending, I enjoy everything we do together. 

Ms. Betty Lou: So is Avani just a fashionable as Mommy? Over at COCO we all absolutely love your style and awesome fashion sense!  


Amita: I wouldn’t say just as fashionable, I’m at a stage where I wear almost about anything, but I don’t feel the same way about children or babies. There are some things I don’t like to see children in, and I would never put her in. I’m a bit picky about what she wears, but yes, in regards to her versatility, yes. 

Ms. Betty Lou: Well she is absolutely adorable. We define a COCO woman as a woman who embraces her unique beauty and is not afraid to show the world her true self. Are you a COCO Woman?

Amita: Definitely! I am all about embracing your unique beauty! 

Ms. Betty Lou: Indeed! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with COCO! 

Amita: Thank you, and you are most welcome. 

Be sure to check out the lovely Amita Webb on FIWI Choice, which airs on CVM TV in Jamaica, CIN in New York, and CEEN in Canada! You can also follow her on twitter @amitawebb and on facebook. You can also follow FIWI Chioce ontwitter @fiwi_choice and on facebook.


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