Home Wrecking Women!

As seen in the COCO Magazine! 

What on earth is wrong with these women who go after men who are already in committed relationships?  Women who work overtime running down someone else’s man like a starving hyena? Ah, the infamous home wrecker! Oh come on who doesn’t love a good home wrecker now and then? Ha! NO ONE loves a home wrecker, ever! These women are every good girl’s nightmare! Or what about the women who stick to emotionally unavailable men like white on rice? What’s their deal? What is it that is so appealing about unavailable men that will make your best friend turn your worst enemy, cause your friend to constantly throw her heart under buses, or cement your friend into the term “single?” There are many reasons why women are drawn to these men, the reasons are different for each of the three scenarios, so let’s start with everyone’s favorite, the hoe-wr…I mean HOME wrecker.

Doesn’t she just anger you? She sees you and your man are happy, in love, holding each other down and she somehow just feels compelled to try to come between. She tries various tactics to get your man’s attention. She’s his “friend,” worse she poses as your friend! Even worse she’s just the “nuff” disrespectful flirt. She sends sexy pictures or messages to his phone, or keeps calling even though he’s asked her to stop. Ever have a woman blatantly attempt to flirt with your man right in front of your face? “Oh my gosh Paul, how old do I look, don’t I look so young? Aren’t I beautiful for my age?” Uh, honey you won’t look beautiful with the fat lip I’m about to give you! JOKING. I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT support “fighting” or violence over any man or anything. We really need to teach all these little schoolgirls to stop flinging fists over boys, but back to the subject at hand.

I honestly actually feel sorry for these types of women. Honestly I do. These types of women are starving for attention and validation. Although their self-esteem appears extremely inflated, it’s actually incredibly LOW. You have a great man, and they go after them because 1. if they can have a man like that it makes them feel good about themselves, and 2. if they can succeed in taking your man, it makes them feel like they are better than you, and you are probably somebody they envy very much. These women are in serious need of self-love. Don’t worry; men value these women just as much as they value themselves. They seem them as “slack” or “easy” and won’t really consider them much more than someone they receive sexual favors from. If your man listens to the snake, bites the apple, and cheats on you with one of these women then he’s probably not worthy of your love, so let him go on his merry way with the disgusting girl. What kind of woman is willing to be some man’s whore (for lack of a better word) on the side? Keep in mind, there are also women who are just so morally repugnant and “bad mind” that they will try to break up your relationship out of pure evil. People say it’s hard to be single, but it’s also hard to be in a relationship with all the demons lurking about. This is why trust is so important in every relationship!

Okay, so we covered the home wrecker. What about the woman who constantly gets involved with men who are emotionally unavailable? Each time she meets a new guy she’s on a high! She hypes up the relationship, when it’s obvious the man is not going to commit to her for whatever reason. Maybe he’s not ready for commitment, he’s afraid of commitment, or he’s focusing on his career, or he’s still caught up on an ex, whatever it is he is not emotionally there. I think there are a couple reasons behind the emotionally unavailable man chasers! One reason I think is the woman herself is afraid of commitment. If it’s something she hasn’t acknowledged; she’s unknowingly attracted to a certain type of men, which stems from this unconscious fear. These men serve as protection against having to face and conquer that unconscious fear. Humans have a way of compensating, both knowingly and unknowingly. When the relationship ends, she is hurt; even though it was obvious to everyone else it was going nowhere. Until she is able to face her fears and learn how to compensate appropriately, her heart will always be under a bus.

What about the woman who dates men, and is really into them, until one day they’ve fallen in love with her and she’s totally turned off from them? These women generally become aware of their fear of commitment once this pattern continues to repeat itself. Or maybe you are someone who is reading this and you’re like “oh my gosh that’s me!” Do your friends ever ask you “How comes any time a guy starts to show interest in you or falls for you, you don’t want him anymore?” Philophobia is the fear of being in love or receiving love. It could be that some women like Musiq Soulchild’s song need someone to Teach me How to Love. Sometimes we don’t know how to receive love. Maybe its something we are unfamiliar with, it’s something foreign to us, the fear of the unknown. Of course, some women may just love the chase! They chase that unavailable man into availability, and when this happens they get bored!

Ladies, you don’t always need to tell everyone how wonderful your man is. Every girl wants a man who will love her and be wonderful to her. If you are pushing yours in every single girls face on Facebook or wherever, jealousy is bound to brew. I’m not saying shy away from telling the world about the great person you found. I know the feeling; you want to scream it from the highest mountaintop! Just be aware of your audience. Home wreckers are here to stay, so keep your doors locked. If you love the chase sign up for a 5k, find an exciting hobby! Hunt something else other than men; you never know whom you will hurt along the way. If you are the woman who fears love or is terrified of commitment, I will tell you this, the cost is too high not to love. So learn, try.


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  1. I was looking for a way to post this picture of the nasty little home wrecker who just tried to ruin my marriage. I feel this whole world needs to know about her. I had told her to leave husband alone and she became obsessed. She was still calling and texting. Eventually we had to change his number.

    • I’m so sorry you had to go though that! Some women have zero self worth! Its disgusting and pitiful!

      • I agree. Its sad that they can’t find a man of their own. Needless to say the home wrecker was his first love. The friendship was innocent at first but she wanted more. My husband had no intention of leaving his family of course. If he wanted to leave he could have. We are in counseling and my marriage is stronger than ever. I’m working on trusting him again. Women today are just “thirsty” for a man and it does not matter if he is taken or not.
        Thanks for your reply

  2. I never had to tell this woman how wonderful my was. This woman knows. She is his ex. So she knows she lost a good one. Now he is mine and we have a daughter. When I talked to this woman she was very arrogant and confidant that she could take my place. Well my husband has made it very clear where he wants to be and that is with me and his daughter.

  3. Thanks Ms. Betty Lou for replying back with your comment. It means more than you know to hear positive words. No Negativity lives here!

  4. Sorry i commented under anonymous.


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