How Busy Chad Torrington “Global Bob” Keeps His Lady Happy!

As seen in the Jamaica Observer Newspaper

AT 25, dancer Chad ‘Global Bob’ Torrington has been busy making his mark on the international scene, making countless appearances in Jamaican music videos, commercials and television shows, and touring extensively.

A Kingston native, his humble beginnings paved the way for a career he loves — one he has been doing since he was a tot when he won best dancer in Half-Way-Tree in a dancing competition when he was two.

 But he’s not just about the dancing, with a BSc in business management from the University of Technology and a full-time career as an accountant, he’s smart too, and not just smart and talented, a gentleman who is committed to his lady.

Now with a successful dancing career that has seen him brushing shoulders with some of Jamaica’s best dancers and teaching master dancehall classes, he’s now looking towards the future with his girl, Kareen Chung, whom he recently proposed to.

He shared with All Woman how he has managed to be a supportive partner and maintain his relationship against all odds in the entertainment industry, and for the single women, advice on how to find and keep Mr Right.

AW: How long have you and Kareen been together?

This November 18 marks five years since we made it official that we are together.

AW: What is the main reason you think your relationship has lasted?

I have a mighty woman, very patient and understanding who corrects me when I am wrong. We have grown a lot over the years and through consistent communication we are better able to understand each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Where I fall short she uplifts me and vice-versa. We harbour unconditional love for each other and for God. True love and God kept us through the thick and thin. AW: What do you think are the most important ingredients needed for a relationship to be successful?

Firstly, both should try to make God the driver of their relationship. If you adhere to His principles and words, showers of blessings will pour down on your relationship. Secondly, effective communication is needed. One has to be able to speak to his or her partner about anything, whether big or small. One has to be able to accept correction from his/her partner and also be able to correct the partner through love and not through anger and hostility. Do not address an issue with a temper as this may not elicit the best reaction from your partner.

AW: How do you remain faithful with all the temptation out there?

It has not been hard to stay faithful based on who I am in God. I’m not only faithful in my relationship but I am faithful in every aspect of my life be it friendships, work, etc. Also I live by this principle that no temptation is worth losing my fiancée for. In my field groupies will come and go. Any female who is aware that a man is in a committed relationship yet still insists on proceeding with their flirtations does not really have good intentions to start with. I’m glad my one lady completes me and I do not have the urge or desire to stray. I strive to be a respectable man and move with militancy and basic principles of God’s word which I try my very best to live by. At the end of the day we are both humans so an approach we both take is not to set ourselves up to even be in situations which will not be acceptable in our partner’s eyes.

AW: Women seem to be under the impression that all men cheat. Is this true?

We were all born in sin. However, I believe that when you put God first, you live your life by the principle that only temporary happiness is to be found in a thousand women compared to permanent joy and love in one individual. So not all men cheat. Real men still exist.

AW: Have you dealt with outsiders trying to tear you two apart? If so how did you both deal with it?

In the beginning there were some who judged me and asked Kareen if she was really thinking to settle down with a dancer, I guess based on the stigma attached to entertainers who are regarded as promiscuous. Kareen took the time out to know me for who I am (Chad) and then Global Bob after, so she knows what my intentions are and how my life operates.

AW: What type of qualities do guys like you look for in women?

She must be genuine, loyal, faithful, trustworthy and family-oriented. She must have great morals and ethics, a hard working woman who can play her role as a solid mother, wife and friend. AW: Do men look at women differently if they go to bed with them early in the game?

Nowadays sex has lost its value so now there is really no time period allotted [for it]. However, it just depends on that gut feeling between the two individuals. I believe people should wait a little while and focus on getting to know more about each other and try as best to follow God’s word and wait to see if that person is who they will want to spend the rest of their lives with. And usually when two people like each other the moment they have sex their friendship or potential [for a future mate] changes, so I believe it is best when people try to fight their urges and focus on building that foundation before taking things to a different level.

AW: What signs can a woman look for to tell if a guy is really into her?

If a guy shows interest in your progress in life overall, for example, ensuring that you are working or seeking a job, going to school to further your education, encourage you to go to church and pray etc, then I believe he means you well. When you are with a principled man you should just work with him. Don’t raise issues and accuse him of things that don’t exist. This will lead good men to start cheating.

AW: What should a woman do to show a man she’s really into him?

Just be yourself. Let him feel as though he is the only man in the world. You can do this by supporting his short and long-term goals. Show the utmost interest in his lifestyle and again correct him where he is wrong, in love of course.

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