Avoid Looking at Yourself Naked!

As seen in the Jamaica Observer Newspaper

Getting back in the gym can be such a difficult task. It literally took me 3 weeks to get back in the gym. I’d set my alarm every morning, it would go off, I’d start to move the blanket off of me, and then I’d come up with an excuse as to why I wasn’t going to go the gym. “Oh I didn’t get enough sleep I’ll go tonight” I DIDN’T! “Oh it’s just so cold today I can’t manage it I’ll go tomorrow” I DIDN’T! The list of excuses goes on and on!

Starting is seriously the hardest part. When you first start it can be really discouraging. For one, you can barely do half the time you used to do on the treadmill or elliptical or whatever machine or exercise you do. You see all these hot body people and you just feel blah. Not to mention all those gosh darn mirrors that just so beautifully highlight your cellulite! So you leave early to avoid being “that person.” I’m not going to lie, it’s hard when you first go back but don’t give up!

I’m not going to lie, it’s hard when you first go back, but don’t give up. I know we all wish there was some magic pill we could take, or some magic Smurf potion we could drink to make us thinner and more toned, but don’t believe the hype, unfortunately there isn’t! Eating healthy combined with exercise is the only way to do it. So save your money on the quick fixes.

1.Avoid looking at yourself naked until I am least 4 weeks into the gym
(if you stopped working out for a while). It’s better to be surprised when results come rather than to sit playing with that belly fat pissed off that you worked hard and you haven’t seen any results yet. Can be depressing. I won’t even look at myself in the changing room at the mall (worst mirrors) until I’m 4 weeks deep. It’s a great surprise trust me!

2. Cheat! Yep! CHEAT! It’s totally unrealistic to me to say I am never going to eat bad food. Allow yourself at least one “bad” meal a week. Or make room for a naughty snack every couple of days. Input vs Output. Just make sure you put out enough effort to enjoy that snack! Depriving yourself of those simple pleasures of life leads to bingeing. I take the lesser of the evils, so give me that rice crispies treat!

3. When you get a late night craving you feel like you can’t resist eat something low in calories and fat (especially if your stomach is screaming at you, don’t ignore it). OR if you are not really that hungry and just being greedy, instead of snacking CHUG water! Yep drink a ton a water until you feel full. Then you wont even remember about that craving. I lost a lot of weight once by cutting out night snacking and replacing it with water alone.

4. Avoid keeping junk in the house. If it’s not there you are forced to eat something healthy. Why tempt yourself! Trust me do this and you will start to unconsciously choose the good snack over the junk after a while. When you eat healthier, healthy food just starts tasting way better (as it should). (Your flatulence won’t smell as bad, and pooping will be easier too. lol Hey it’s important to mention).

5. DON’T DIET! The first three-letter of diet spell DIE! I don’t believe in dieting. I believe in changing your eating habits. Lifestyle change. Diets usually fail. Slowing transform your eating habits. Easier to do it as a transition than to jump into it.

6. Have a work out buddy! If you don’t have a work out buddy (I don’t) then have a motivation buddy! Trust me it helps soooo much! I love those morning phone calls “b*tch get outta bed, go to the gym!” I like the tough love! You can always tell your buddy to be a little more gentle!

7. Don’t do the same work out everyday. BORING! Have something different planned everyday to keep it interesting. Nothing worse than a boring monotonous workout!

8. Go to the gym, park, track, or wherever you go to work out with a PLAN in mind of what you are going to do. It feels great when you go with a plan and your reach your goal. It keeps your motivated while you are there too. “I did exactly what I said I was going to do!”

9. A common one- Write down what you eat. Sometimes knowing that I am going to have to write down everything I eat at the end of the day diverts me from unnecessary snacking because I know I will feel bad later when I see it on paper and end up saying “Damn you pig!” Oh yea, and it also helps you get a nice idea of how much you should be eating.

10. Listen to your tummy in general. If you have hunger pains your body needs fuel. Eat. You will feel much hungrier when you work out. It’s because you are working hard. So just snack healthy! Your tummy doesn’t lie. Make sure you are eating enough.

11. Oopsie did I say 10? Compliment yourself everyday. No, literally, look at yourself in the mirror and say 3 affirmative statements such as “You is kind, you is smart, you is important!” šŸ™‚ I love me fat, skinny, chubby, fit, toned….whatever state my body is in (and its been in many) I love myself. I just like how healthy feels!

Get motivated! Exercise has great effects on your physical AND mental health! If you can’t afford to go to the gym, work with what you have! YouTube has great videos! I am now training for my first 1/2 marathon! Something I never even considered doing! You can be and do whatever you want as long as you put in the effort and work! Don’t look at someones body and wish you had it, GET IT. And remember, skinny does NOT equal healthy! Strong is the new skinny anyway! Haven’t you heard?


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  1. I totally agree; step three was always a problem for me because I would be become the hungriest at night time. Thanks for the tips and I look forward to sharing more with you :))

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