Definition of love…?

As seen in the COCO Magazine

I don’t believe love has one solid definition for every person on this earth. No, in fact, I believe that we each have our own interpretation or definition of the word love. I think that definition is derived from our life experiences, relationships both good and bad. We are students, we study love throughout our life. We learn it through practical applications. Clinical placements. Internships. All of our relations are learning experiences in which the other person is our teacher. Sometimes we try to cheat. Cheat on the quizzes and tests we are faced with. A relationship isn’t quite love, we don’t quite yet know our definition of love, we have but only an idea, so we come up with foolish or unsubstantiated definitions to meet our desire to remain in that relationship. We fail automatically because we cheated, and even if we had completed the quiz or test, we still would have failed because we hadn’t learned enough or studied hard enough. We were impatient. We wanted to know before we knew. Knowing, just seems so appealing doesn’t it?

We can’t be afraid of knowledge, we can’t be afraid of relationships failing. They never really fail anyway, because we gain something from each one. I spent a long time being afraid to “date.” To become romantically involved with men. My reasoning being; Even if I genuinely like you, if I can’t see us together long-term from the first date, then what’s the point of continuing to date? Someone is inevitably going to get hurt and I don’t want to be the one who causes the hurt nor the person who gets hurt when it ends. Relationships not working is a fact of life, we shouldn’t be afraid to take a chance, to see where an experience might take us. Sometimes people are meant to be in our life for only a brief period of time, sometimes they are meant to be there forever. Sometimes you have to give up some level of control, and forget about intentions. You never know what someone might add to the pages of your study notes, what they may show you or help you learn. Remember not everyone is the best teacher, but they are still teachers none the less, so pay attention.

Sometimes God places people in our lives as instruments. Once we complete a bulk of this rigorous coursework, complete a thesis on love, we will graduate with some sort of qualifications, and this is when we will find love, know love. We will meet someone who is our definition and believes in that thesis. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that we won’t continue to learn. Continuing education credits are required.Keeping current in knowledge is required. Love never stops teaching us. It’s a lifelong course. Try never to drop out. If you do, the course is always accepting students. There are no admission qualifications other than a desire to learn and feel.


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  1. I saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love on a long flight. It mostly made me want to go to Italy and get fat… Aaaaaand, Moving right along to the main course of the discussion.

    I believe that all human emotions can be separated into two main categories: fear and love. In that sense, love has a – shall we say – true definition. The variety of human experiences lead to people ASSOCIATING different events, tastes, smells, sensations, etc with love, but there is an essence beyond these associations that is common to all true experiences of love.
    That being said, verbal communication is flawed in general. The definition for any word is in the eye of the beholder, and that is why we have miscommunications! When I say something to you, I have a certain internal image or feeling and the goal of getting you to experience the same image or feeling in your mind. But, I could talk (or type) myself hoarse (or arthritic) trying to convey the exact details and still never include all minutiae. Incidentally, isn’t a moment of shared thought just amazing? I mean when you and another person are on exactly the same wavelength and just “get it” without having to get into all of the nitty gritty details. It makes me wish we could communicate telepathically.

  2. I still think we all experience love differently.

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