Are girls bi sexual because it’s cool?

Hundreds of girls blaring Katie Perry from their car speakers or screaming into their brush microphones sexually loose: “I kissed a girl and I liked it!” So has girls kissing girls become the recent trend? Are girls doing it because it turns men on and they want this attention? Are they doing it out of share curiosity? Are they doing it because it’s cool? Are there just that many more bisexual females in this day and age? Are the lines between sexuality becoming blurred? Or does her cherry chap stick really just taste that good you can’t resist a kiss? Eww, last time I checked cherry chap stick didn’t taste all that good. I mean unless you like the taste of Vaseline mixed with blistex with a cherry scent. Hey everyone has different taste buds, maybe its an acquired taste. Let me just start by making something very clear, I am a total supporter of free love. Who am I to say homosexuality or bisexuality is wrong? I mean I want everyone on earth to know and experience love, so if the only way a person can do that is with someone of the same sex, who am I to stop them? I would never want to rob anyone of love. Free love people. Free love.

I don’t know why it seems like every girl is bisexual these days! Are they really just bi sexual wanna be’s? Some girls just love the attention! They know men totally get turned on by the thought/idea of two women going at it, so they don’t mind tonguing down their best gal pal for your attention or to get a rise out of you. See, what most girls don’t realize is, there is a difference between swapping saliva with your best friend for the above reasons, and being bi sexual. Getting a little touchy feely with you gal pal for attention doesn’t make you bi sexual! It makes you daring, and kinda freaky. You are not doing it because at all those sleep overs when you guys were changing in front of each other or examining your curves in the mirror together (oh wait are my friends and I the only girls who do that? Soap each other up in the shower? No you girls don’t do that? Kidding!) you were actually getting sexually aroused! Unless you actively enjoy hooking up with a girl and do it to seek that pleasureful enjoyment, you are probably not bisexual. Doing stuff with a girl seems comparable to taking your first sip of alcohol these days. No?

So are girls claiming bi sexual to be cool? I mean it definitely generates attention when you tell someone you like people of the opposite sex and same sex. I personally think its just because they (man or woman) start imagining what you would do (sexually) with the person of the same sex! I really believe a mental image pops into their head and they can’t push it out! Claiming bi sexual is like claiming black or Spanish these days! HAHA! Remember when being black or hispanic become cool? All of a sudden every white girl had a Puerto Rican accent and used a truck load of moose or gel in their hair so they could force it into curls. Everyone started saying “Mira mira” “Mami” or “Yo.” I ran into white girls who knew more about parts of black culture (rap, hip hop, etc) then I did. They were rocking corn rows and speaking ebonics while I was speaking proper English, because they thought it was “cool.” Ebonics is NOT a language or a dialect people. It’s just terribly butchered English aka SLANG! Anyway, back to the point I was making about claiming bi sexual! It’s the cool thing to be these days! It’s “in!” The latest trend! We also have girls who fall into the bi curious category. Maybe you’ve watched a lesbian porno and it did something for you and you start looking at women differently and wondering. These thoughts do not make you bi sexual either, unless you act on them and find out you do in fact like women (sexually/intimately).

Also, I can’t stand when girls say “Oh I’m a lesbian now because I am tired of men. There are no good men out there. I’m tired of men’s bs.” Okay so just because you are bitter and fed up with all the loser men you have dated, this doesn’t make you a lesbian!! On the other hand, I also dislike when men don’t respect a woman is a lesbian when she tells him she is a lesbian. “Oh yea right. You just need some good ___. You probably were just dealing with some lame dudes.” Actually no, she probably really is a lesbian and has ZERO interest in you and probably still wouldn’t have any interest in you if she were indeed into men. It’s the lesbian fakers who make men think every other real lesbian out there is lying about their sexuality. Worse, I hate when women tell men they are a lesbian and him and his loser friends say “Okay then prove it, let me see you kiss!” Um, why the hell does any woman need to “prove” her sexuality to you?? How about you prove to me you’re really a man and pull out your package in public and show it to the world? Get the hell out of here!

I really do believe the lines between sexuality are becoming somewhat blurred. Sex is an obsession in the United Sates, when everywhere else in the world it is a fact. Western culture is OBSESSED with sex! Sex sells everything in this country. We are far more sexually liberated then we have ever been. Sex is pretty much everywhere! I was shocked when Carley, Sam, and Freddy were talking about and acting on their first kisses on ICARLEY (one of my favorite shows)! I mean just look at the rates of sexually transmitted diseases this day in age! Sex has become like shaking someones hands in the US. You smile at someone and you get Chlamydia! I remember in college I was appalled at the amount of sex that people were having! Sex was so depersonalized! It was literally like blinking at someone (I wore sunglasses all four years)! Sex is just not that big of a deal to a lot of young adults. Women kissing women is just not that big of a deal to a lot of young adults! People have become very sexually loose and very sexually curious! It’s almost like the 70’s again! Woman on woman action is not something taboo. It’s like the norm. You can do stuff with a girl and not be a lesbian or bi sexual. You are just sexually free or again what modern day young adults would call a “freak” as in “freaky” in the bedroom.

I guess the moral of the story is, hooking up with a girl doesn’t necessarily make you a lesbian or bi sexual! Stop claiming bi sexual because you think it’s “cool” or you want attention. Stop claiming your bi sexual just because you’re ex is a dog! Respect the people who really are lesbian or bi sexual. Being a lesbian or being bi sexual involves a lot more than just being mad at men or trying to keep up with a current trend! Be confident and comfortable in whatever your sexuality is! Hey, if you don’t care to define your sexuality, then don’t! Maybe you like a little salt, some black pepper, and a little Cajun seasoning every now and then. It’s your prerogative!! Spread love!

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