Birth Control should be in water! When did “baby mamma” become style?

Maybe birth control should be in water? When did we begin the destruction of the meaning of the word “family” and the glorification of the term “baby mamma?” When did having a baby out of wedlock (or at least monogamous long term relationship) become the norm? When did having multiple “baby mammas” become acceptable? A normalcy? Why are women getting pregnant left and right only to hold the title of “baby mamma?” No offense to single moms here.

It’s 2012. Sex education is readily available at the click of a mouse. Seriously, where would the stork get the babies? Most adolescents know how to make a baby, so if adults don’t know we have some serious problems. With all the STD’s out there you think people would want to wrap it up. What ever happened to birth control? Is there even such a thing as a surprise/unexpected pregnancy anymore? If you make the choice to have unprotected sex, you can’t be surprised when you see two lines on the stick. Men collect baby mammas like they are going out of style! Having kids is not a big deal anymore.

Are adolescents and young women getting pregnant for style? Look at the show “Teen Mom!” You get thousands of dollars to allow the world to scrutinize your life as a pregnant teenager AND you become famous to boot! Pretty cool huh? Having a baby has become a fashion trend. What in earlier generations was seen as shameful has been accepted in this generation as “cool.” A baby has become like a new handbag or a brand new pair of high heel shoes! Women are sporting them like blackberrys! Let’s not exclude young adults and older women from the “style” category. People seem to think having kids is some sort of passage right into adulthood.

There is something about having a baby for a man you “love” (which in most cases you probably don’t love) that makes a woman feel important, makes her feel special or above the other women in his life, or like she has a special piece of this guy. Sadly, some still believe that having a baby for a man will make him love you, and make him want to or feel obligated to settle down. Women get pregnant to trap men and visa versa. Let me quote reggae artist Mr. Lex “Pickney nah hold man again!” Unless you are ready and willing to fight like Taraji P. Henson in “Baby Boy” I do not suggest getting pregnant for a man who is not committed to you. Stop believing that becoming his “baby mamma” will give you elevated status! It won’t! How selfish to bring a child into this world for your own personal gain!

Somehow in 2012 baby equates to love. Where in the book of love does it say if you love someone immediately get pregnant? A baby doesn’t PROVE your love for someone! It just proves that you are fertile and that his sperm are abundant, alive, and swimming! A man or woman should prove their love BEFORE they create a baby. A baby should be created out of love, not in hopes that love will be born with the child!

Family seems to have a much different meaning these days. It used to be, you met a guy, you fell in love, and you got married, and became pregnant. What type of president are men setting for their children when they have 6 different “baby mammas?” Or the woman with 3 kids from 3 different fathers whose boyfriends they all call “uncle?” Who wants to have to explain to their child why daddy has 3 other children who live in 3 different households with 3 different mommys? When did that become the definition of family?

One must be emotionally ready to have a child. Ready to become selfless for your baby (yes giving up the club), ready to commit fully to your baby, and mentally grown up enough so that you are not raising your child and raising yourself, AND so that your child does not end up raising you! We need to value the term family more, and value bringing children into this world for the right reasons. That being said, until you are ready, wrap it up!


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