Have all men been emasculated?….

“Woman was made from the rib of man. She was not created from his head to top him. Nor from his feet to be stepped upon. She was made from his side to be close to him. From beneath his arm to be protected by him. Near his heart to be loved by him.” I am in love, IN LOVE with this quotation. When did this stop being true? Or when did we stop being aware of this truth? Today it feels like us women have to be on guard with every man we meet. All men are guilty until they prove themselves innocent! Honestly, I love my Law and Order, but I’m not cut out to be Detective Olivia Benson! I mean I totally wouldn’t mind just being Mariska Hargitay, she’s pretty damn cool. I wish we lived in a world where all men were respectful and honest. Unfortunately we don’t so the detective cap stays on. So whats going on? Why are we so afraid in 2011? Why do we look at men how racists look at Arabs getting on planes to NY? When did men stop loving us as divine creature of God? How and WHY did men stop being Adam and become the snake??? I don’t know about you, but I totally preferred Adam. I mean who wouldn’t want to be Eve!?

Lots of women have been hurt, and lots of women are scared of being hurt again. Hence the guilty until proven innocent. Some of us are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder flashbacks and everything! We are vulnerable, we keep a guard up. This is something that needs some modification. I don’t thinks its okay to “make the new guy pay for what the old guy did,” it’s not, and that’s where the “bitter woman” evolves from. Women we shouldn’t assume the new guy is the old guy, I mean in reality he’s not. I do however, believe we should in our heads see men as guilty until proven innocent. Doesn’t mean we have to treat them bad or let them know that we doubt them in the beginning enough for them to label us “bitter.” Chill with accusations and doubts. We don’t even have to show them we are vulnerable or have been hurt before. Ever tell a guy “I’m just scared, I’ve been hurt in the past” hoping he will be gentle with your emotions and his actions still end up punching you straight in the gut? That doesn’t do anything for men so stop telling them so much. He will just punch with his eyes closed instead of open. In my opinion, in 2011 we can no longer just waltz into relationships with our guard down giving every new guy we meet the benefit of the doubt because they seem like a nice guy. Why guilty until proven innocent, and not innocent until proven guilty? Because they might end up not being proven guilty until after we’ve invested ourselves in relationships. Way too many men out there have been poisoned, working for the snake and not for God. We have so much to give, and therefore so much to lose.

For the most part every good woman, correct me if I’m wrong, on the inside, holds all the qualities of the “perfect” girlfriend or the “perfect” wife tucked away in a secret box deep inside of us. We keep this a secret from men. Men, think of this box like you would think of our virginity. We hold it like the most precious thing in the world, because we don’t want to give it all to someone who is undeserving. We drop hints of it here and there so you can see what we are capable of offering. We sprinkle it like salt over food. But before we can open that box and share its treasures with you, we have to know you are worthy, we have to know that you won’t take those treasures and spend them frivolously, pawn them off, misplace them, steal off with them, or throw them back in the box once you’ve enjoyed them, leaving us to dust off you fingerprints so they will be in good condition for when the right man does come along. Because there are so many sneaks, traders, hustlers, and thieves around, I think we always should keep a guard up. Women, like I said, do this without the man being aware of it! Pocket information, things you notice. Take mental notes of things, like you are formulating a case. Remember you either have to substantiate the fact that he is guilty, or gain enough proof that he is innocent. Don’t be the “bitter” woman and don’t badger the witness. Have some finesse, keep your cool. Otherwise you might send him running before you have had the chance to see he’s innocent, or lose the opportunity to send him running with his tail between his legs when you realize he is indeed guilty!

Really now, when did men start thinking it was okay to disrespect women? To treat us like toys? Trophy’s? To use our emotions against us? To deceive us? To disregard us? To treat us like pieces of cargo or slaves on a selling block? To treat us like concubine? To trample over us? To use us? How can you “use” another human being? That is just disgusting and so ungodly!! Like seriously, who the hell in the Lord’s name told any of you this was okay? Don’t give me that bull crap about “Oh women allow it, so that’s how I treat them.” So because a woman allows it means you should forsake all your morals and values to do ungodly things? That’s like saying “Oh I know God will love me if I sin and repent, so let me go out and intentionally sin because sin is so abundant!” And somebody please PLEASE tell me what makes men feel so exalted and entitled to believe they should have a woman or a wife and keep other women on the side? WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?? King Tut or something? Sit the hell down. You are wrong. As a side note:women, if you “play the fool” you are doing a disservice to all other women. This is probably 5 percent of what makes them think it’s okay to do the things they do.

Are there no good men left in the world? OH SHUT UP “good men” reading this, don’t let me hear you complain: “Oh, its just the men you deal with. Oh you not checking for us good men!” I have several issues with you all that I will address in my post tomorrow. For now I’ll just say this: men are like chameleons. Sometimes us women honestly believe we have a good guy, then we are totally surprised when they turn out to be something else. We don’t all go out looking for thug gangsters pants sagging so low their ass is exposed, with 8 baby mommas, an unpaid for or paid for car sitting on some serious rims with the stench of marijuana seeping through the exhaust getting the whole neighbor hood high, and speakers blaring some pathetic excuse for hip hop. Oh yea! That’s so totally my dream guy! Knight in shinning armor right there! NOT! Nor do we go looking for the well dressed successful hard working men who are well known as philanderers. We don’t go out on a where’s waldo search looking for bad men! Men are deceitful, snakes. Yes men, I know what you are thinking so I’ll say it: Women are deceitful too! Yea it’s true men and women are. But for example, how many women do you know have to lead a man on to get sex? Most of you are ready and willing standing at attention when I woman’s ready to give it up. Half the time it doesn’t even matter who’s giving it. Any way, this post is about the woman’s experience so shut up and sit down or stop reading. I’m trying to enlighten you.

And the Oscar goes to….. I don’t even know which one of you is more deserving. If you have to be someone totally different than who you really are like Mr. Hyde playing Dr. Drekyl or Kevin Federline deceiving Brittney Spears to marry him without a prenup and make babies with him, or if you have to plant an idea in your woman’s head like Leonardo DiCaprio in “Inception” just to make her believe you are a good man then you have some serious issues. I’d suggest you work on getting right with God. Time is a ticking! There really are men out there who will just tell a woman what she wants to hear and try to be everything she wants a man to be, just to get her to have sex with him or put up with his crap. I don’t need to say this is wrong, obviously we all know this is wrong. What I’m saying is, this is just damn sad on the man’s part! You really have to go through all that to get laid? Wow. You are really that shitty of a person that no women willingly want to have sex with you or be with you? I honestly feel sorry for you.

I honestly think that more than half of the men in America and beyond have been emasculated or something. I spoke about this in a previous post and I am going to expand on it here. I’m not saying men should cry in the dark or anything like that, I’m just saying you’re a man, put some bass in your voice, push out your chest, and act like you have balls and be HONEST. It takes some serious manliness to be honest with your woman, or a woman you are dealing with. I mean if you don’t care to talk to me anymore, come out and say it. Let’s all be adults. We are fully aware that not everything is meant to work out. I can honestly say that any man I have ever been on a date with or who has expressed interest in me, if the feeling wasn’t mutual I relayed this to them in a respectful way, and they respectfully accepted my decision to no longer talk to them or see them. We then went our separate ways no hard feelings. Adults. Don’t ever feel like you don’t owe anyone respect. You do, and you’ll get what you give. If you cheated and she finds out own up to it! If you are lying to the person you supposedly love, then you might as well be lying to God.

I strongly detest liars. There is nothing I despise more then a man who lies to a woman to “spare her feelings.” That seriously makes me want to cuss a whole heap of American and Jamaican bad words! Let me make this very clear to the male readers. Let me spell it right out. Pay attention now! When you lie to us because you are afraid the truth will hurt us, we are hurt 100 times more because you lied! I mean we already are coping with the fact that you cheated, are disinterested in us, or whatever the hell you did wrong, and then you lie to us about it. Okay so first you were either a liar or someone who made a mistake, and now you are a blatant liar who clearly does not respect your woman enough to be honest and mindful and respectful of her feelings and intelligence. Tell us the TRUTH! Save some kind of face! Spare our feelings by being HONEST. Ladies, ever have a man lie to you till the death? Even after you tell him you know he’s lying? He really sits there and tries to convince you he’s telling you the truth and you are just some type of crazy. He’s saying the sky is green and the grass is blue and really thinks he can convince you it’s true! I’m not crazy but call the damn mental asylum because I’m about to go lunatic on your ass and plead temporary insanity! Just kidding, I don’t promote domestic violence……against women anyway. I’m kidding I don’t promote it against men or woman. Someone lied to me like this once, and in my eyes become the most pathetic excuse for a man alive! In the world! In the UNIVERSE! Seriously, to be quite frank, own up to your bull crap because the stench is following you and it’s pretty obvious it’s yours. So be truthful and clean yourself up, or go find someone else house to stink up.

It takes a real man to step up to the plate and be Adam! It takes a REAL man to respect a woman, to fulfill the responsibilities that God gave to you when he created woman. If you can’t do these things, yes you have been emasculated in my eyes! I’m not saying you have to give up all the women you are involved with and get married right away and be the perfect husband. You don’t have to be married or settled down with one woman to be Adam. I’m just saying, be respectful in all your dealings with women! Women was made from your side to be equal with you, to be loved by you, and to be protected by you. If you are lying to women or using women, you are not protecting women or loving women or treating them as your equals. You are insulting God! Your throwing his gift to you in back in his face! You are disrespecting the man upstairs! You’re disrespecting yourself! Stop behaving like entitled spoiled little brats. Stop sinning! In all honesty, women know EXACTLY what they want. If you think a woman is confused about what she wants, someone lied to you. All we want is to love and to be loved. To one day when we are ready, find that person who deserves that box of treasure and drape them in the diamonds and gold inside! We want to love and cater to our Adam. We want to be that “perfect” girlfriend or “perfect” wife. If you let us, we will be.

I honestly have to take my hat off to my Mother. When I observe how my younger brother deals with women, he’s a handsome lad and successful to boot so he attracts a lot, I am totally blown away at what a great young man my mother raised. Honesty. My brother is honest and respectful. He doesn’t have to be deceitful to get what he want’s from a woman, and men want different things from different women. In other words he keeps it real. When I think about having children somewhere 5 or more years down the line, I hope that I at least have one boy. I am so certain of the kind of man I am going to raise my son to be.

So every man reading this, go head, reach down, check if they are still attached. If they are, start acting like it!


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  1. Have you ever read anything by Christina Hoff Sommers? She has an interesting book called “The War Against Boys” that might help you to elaborate on the emasculation of men in our current social climate.

  2. Hmm no I havent. Did take a look, and not really along the same lines as the points I’m making. I’m basically saying that God holds certain expectations for men (as he does for women), not society. I’m really not commenting on masculinity within a sexist society.

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